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Mac OS X

Mac OS X notes

(Installing the tools that I love on a Mac is absolutely a pain. Everything that simply works on a Linux machine is bit screwed by Apple when we try to apply the same thing to Mac OS X.)
  • Enable 'Click and Drag' in Mavericks
             System Preferences>Accessibility>Mouse & Trackpad>Trackpad Options> check 'Enable dragging'
  • Emacs cool keys

          C-x 4 C-f, run command find-file-other-window
          C-x 5 C-f, run command find-file-other-frame
  • The latest Mac OS X El Capitan Upgrade wiped out the older TeX Live directory /usr/texbin. The space /usr has been reserved for Apple according to Herbert Schulz. To create the new symbolic link, 
     sudo ln -s Distributions/.DefaultTeX/Contents/Programs/texbin texbin
     sudo echo "/Library/TeX/texbin" > /etc/paths.d/TeX

     Then install MaxTeX 2015 and choose 'Customise' to upgrade the earlier installation.
  • Now Mac OS X El Capitan introduced something called "System Integrity Protection" so simply sudo something won't work. Need to reboot the machine and cmd + R during the boot to get into rescue mode. Then from the terminal, csrutil disable
  • Install gnus + gmail on Mac OS X. Install w3m by brew install w3m. And also install GnuPG for OSX. There is no w3m-el equivalent in brew repo. We need to install emacs-w3m by el-get-install emacs-w3m. This means we must add the following to .emacs file (on Debian, we do nothing if we install w3m-el or w3m-el-snapshot.)
(include-plugin "emacs-w3m")
(require 'w3m-load)

But on a Mac, it seems there is not need to add (require 'mime-w3m)