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Spring 2014

Teaching Log
  • New lab manual for ECE486 is out. I corrected some typos and added explaining comments to Lab 5 and others as well as some decorations. It's the 10th anniversary of  current ECE486 lab manual. -- 17 Jan, 2014
  • Lab starts the 2nd week into Spring semester on 28 Jan; corrected a typo on page 48, "described". -- 18 Jan, 2014
  • Corrected a typo on page 54, deleted "you" in part (I), item 1. -- 19 Jan, 2014
  • Fixed broken links to lab templates and academic integrity code on lab_assignments.html page. -- 30 Jan, 2014
  • Cover a one-off substitute lecture for Prof Raginsky next Tue, 11 Feb. -- 4 Feb, 2014
  • Prelab 3 template is a bad guide, in need of revision of filling with more details; otherwise it should be dropped. Mass email is needed for reminding students of attaching sketch work to Prelab 3 template if in use. -- 17 Feb, 2014
  • Prelab 3 problems involving calculation of $\zeta$ and $\omega_n$ should refer to formulae on page 13, that means zeros or other variants of 2nd order systems should be ignored. Only characteristic polynomial is focused on. -- 17 Feb, 2014
  • Prelab 5 template, transfer function $\frac{\Omega(s)}{V_m(s)}$, subscript 'm' should be the same as in lab 4; use $\V_i(s)$; page 48, step 6, 'the same 4 sets of gains that you tested' refer to 4 designed controllers. -- 11 Mar, 2014
  • Revisit step 5 on page 47, and revision is desperately needed. -- 12 Mar, 2014
  • Fix subscript "pendulum" in final project chapter 1, it should be "X_{pendulum+rotor}"; fix figure 2.1 in 2-a in chapter 2, it should be a classic control system diagram with feedback going to reference, not into controller. -- 2 Apr, 2014
  • Fix Lab 6 Report template: there are no part VI, VII etc. -- 19 Apr, 2014
  • Lab teaching in spring 2014 ends today. -- 7 May, 2014

This time, they are so special

I simply could not handle the huge vacuum I am left with when these students left. They are in a word, fabulous; The closer I was getting to my students, the more miserable I feel when I stand in front of the empty EL 235 classroom. I want to be with them forever; so I am praying for all of them and wish them the very best of luck. I am very sentimental about this but I have to move forward.