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Fall 2015

Quiz (unofficial): 

(a) Sam asks John to solve the following problem: 40 - 32÷2=? John says it is easy enough, the answer must be 40 - 32÷2=4! Is John correct?

(b) Compute the first 10 digits after decimal point of the number (1 + sqrt(2))^1000.

Teaching Log
  • Updated lower case \omega to upper case \Omega to denote Laplace transform in part (b) and (h) on page 22 of lab manual. -- 22 Sep, 2015
  • Added fix to 'average' button in Step 4, page 31. Need 'reset' each time changing 'set voltage'. Credit: Dario Aranguiz. -- 06 Oct, 2015
  • Add 'tape the wheel when measuring natural frequency of the swing (wheel + pendulum)' in chapter 3, final project. -- 02 Nov, 2015
  • Added '(not only the feedback loop in the simulink file has to be disabled but also the potentiometer on the left of the motor has to be physically detached)' to 'Disconnect the potentiometer from the motor assembly' on page 58. -- 03 Nov, 2015